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X7.1 - Macchina da Caffè Iperespresso nera (Spedizioni 🌎) - Ottagono - Pasticceria dal 1983 - X7.1 - Macchina da Caffè Iperespresso nera - sicilia - catania - online

X7.1 - Black Iperespresso coffee machine


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With the unmistakable retro-inspired design created by Luca Trazzi, X7.1 is the best-selling machine of the Iperespresso family. Ideal for espresso lovers who also love cappuccino.

The design of X7.1
X7.1 has a unique line: its round but slender shapes have a vintage inspiration that recalls the Italian design of the 1960s, while the buttons are soft-touch.

How many things can X7.1 do?
With X7.1 you prepare a perfect cup of espresso with the utmost simplicity.
Furthermore, with the steam wand you can froth milk to create a soft and creamy cappuccino or dispense hot water.

What does the X7.1 filter handle remember?
The handle of the X7.1 was designed by Luca Trazzi like the professional one: so not only does your cup have nothing to envy to the cup in the bar, but also the gesture you make to prepare it resembles what the barman does.

The Iperespresso system.
To allow you to always enjoy the espresso you love, we have been researching for more than 80 years. We have studied every detail of the capsule and the machines, with the aim of obtaining the best possible yield in the cup, coffee after coffee.
Thanks to the exclusive technology, the Iperespresso capsule extracts the most intense aromas from the coffee, to obtain an espresso that is always creamy and aromatic, with the utmost simplicity.

The only illy blend becomes a signature.
For more than 80 years, illy has been dedicated to perfecting a unique blend of 9 Arabica origins, to offer the world its best coffee.


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