The Pandoro

Il Pandoro
Together with the panettone , the pandoro is the sweet symbol of the Christmas holidays .
A jewel of sweetness made with flour, brewer's yeast, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla and, to enhance everything, icing sugar.
Its history is full of anecdotes and legends. The current version of pandoro dates back to the 19th century as an evolution of the "nadalin", the 13th-century cake from the city of Verona . Its name and some of its peculiarities would instead date back to the times of the Venetian Republic, where it seems among the offer of foods covered with thin pure gold leaves, there was also a conical-shaped cake called "pan de oro".
Another story assigns the maternity of pandoro to the famous French brioche, which for centuries has represented the dessert of the court of the Doges.
In any case there is a date that officially sanctions the birth of pandoro, 14 October 1884, the day on which Domenico Melegatti filed a sweet with a soft dough and a characteristic cooking mold in the shape of a truncated conical star with eight points, work of the artist Dall'Oca Bianca, impressionist painter.
Our Pandoro is made with the love and care that the best and most precious things require. 44 hours of processing for and very careful selection of each raw material, guarantee unique taste and fragrance to the pandoro made according to an ancient traditional recipe.

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