In this difficult period if We all feel the need to live in open spaces, to share moments of sociality, to  giving space back to art, for this reason the Octagon opens up to artistic contaminations and becomes a place where artistic expression has the opportunity to be and be seen. An urban canvas in which painting and photography, street art and new languages ​​are mixed, protagonists of a review to be enjoyed every day.

4 installations, 8 photographic exhibitions, 12 artists, will alternate with their projects in the exhibition spaces of the Bar, every three months, creating an inevitable ration of amazement and enthusiasm in the viewer. The premises are embellished with works of art, surprising and allowing the public to get to know and appreciate the artists, becoming real galleries where you can "taste art".

The photographic exhibition of Emily Gallè entitled "A volcano, different faces" is currently visible and will be open from 10 May to 10 August 2021.

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