10 fabulous places to visit in Sicily

10 posti favolosi da visitare in Sicilia

Choosing only 10 places to see in Sicily is really difficult. History, nature, art and culture, in short, nothing is missing. And although the company is on the verge of impossible, we have tried to formulate a ranking of its wonders.

Here are the 10 places to visit in Sicily in 2020, in our opinion:

  1. Plemmirio marine park: it is a protected marine area located on the eastern coast of Syracuse and was established in 2004, it includes the stretch of sea facing the eastern part of the Maddalena Peninsula.
  2. Pantalica : it is a necropolis, declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2005, the small caves with a square entrance testify to the ancient presence of pre-Greek civilizations, the caves can be reached via a path that offers breathtaking views. pantalics pantalicspantalics
  3. Fiumara d'arte is an open-air museum that develops between various municipalities in north-eastern Sicily (Tusa, Santo Stefano di Camastra, Mistretta). The museum was born from the initiative of Antonio Presti, the works were born to adapt to the territory and become a symbol of beauty and artistic rebirth of Sicily. The itinerary can only be done by car, unless you are particularly fit, by bicycle. stream of artstream of artstream of art
  4. Megaliths of Argimusco : they are found just north of Etna, roughly on the border between the Nebrodi and Peloritani mountains. Here stands a fascinating complex of megaliths around which still hovers a very dense aura of mystery, probably destined never to be dissolved. A group of large quartz sandstone rocks stand out on the more than a thousand meters of altitude of the plateau modeled in a curious and suggestive shape. Popular tradition traces these megaliths back to the work of prehistoric populations. Argimusco megalithsArgimusco megalithsArgimusco megaliths
  5. The Etna Park : it is certainly one of the most evocative places on the whole island, it can be visited at any time of the year and allows you to practice many activities. In summer it is possible to go trekking, as it offers many routes, in winter it is possible to ski inside the park, in fact it is the most important ski destination on the island. Etna parkEtna parkEtna park
  6. Farm Cultural Park : it is an explosion of colors and modern art in the heart of the most ancient and traditional Sicily. The idea of ​​Farm Cultural Park came to a couple of intellectuals, driven by the desire to recover a courtyard in their town, Favara. To restore it, however, they have seen fit to draw inspiration from the shapes and colors of some tourist destinations around the world. farm cultural parkfarm cultural parkfarm cultural park
  7. Ragusa Ibla : is one of the most beautiful baroque cities in Sicily, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the middle of the Val di Noto, an unmissable destination on your next trip to Sicily. Between labyrinthine neighborhoods, postcard views and panoramic stairways, a trip – even in the day – to Ragusa cannot be missed. ibla ragusaibla ragusa
  8. Scala dei Turchi : it is a white limestone cliff, it is certainly famous for its particular shape: in fact, it gives the impression that erosion has created steps that fall directly into the sea. scale of the Turksscale of the Turksscale of the Turks
  9. Noto : it has been called "The Capital of the Baroque" and its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. Just a few kilometers from the Vendicari Reserve, the town of Noto is one of the places not to be missed in your eastern Sicily tour! Noto will strike you for its monuments and historic buildings, for the harmony of forms, with an urban architecture that almost borders on fiction! The nature trails that wind through ancient Noto are also beautiful. knownknownknown
  10. Aeolian Islands: these are the seven islets that form the magnificent Aeolian archipelago, north of the Sicilian coast. The seven islands of volcanic origin emerge like stone splinters from the dark blue of the sea, forged by fire and beaten by the winds. Wild beauty and untouched nature characterize these islands. aeolianaeolian aeolian

Write your favorites in the comments, and follow us to read our next article on the 10 most beautiful beaches of 2020.

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