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The price of an Easter Egg

We are happy to tell you a story that concerns many small artisans like us.

The artisanal eggs are handmade by pastry chefs one by one (not by the thousands in a mega factory).

The chocolate used is usually of the highest quality (we use Caffarel and Carma), because it is thanks to this choice that the organoleptic difference can be perceived compared to an industrial product.

But in addition to the workmanship and the choice of raw materials, artisan eggs are often also decorated by hand with materials and procedures that require a lot of time and a lot of specialization.

Our price? About 50 € / kg, with home delivery.

The Kinder egg, among the most famous and cheapest, 63.3 € / kg. Other industrial brands that you find in the supermarket easily reach 200.00 / kg.

Another component to consider beyond the comparison of prices per kg, is certainly the size. In fact, there is no doubt that artisanal eggs, for the same weight, seem decidedly smaller than industrial eggs.

This is because the industrial machine is able to move the liquid chocolate very quickly inside the egg shape, thus leaving a very thin layer of chocolate inside. On the other hand, when the same work is done by hand by a master pastry chef, moving the shape at "human" speed, the quantity of chocolate that slowly solidifies is far greater. 


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  • Ho acquistato la pasta di mandorle. Da Catania a Brescia in 48 ore.
    Prodotto freschissimo, veramente ottimo.
    Qualita’ eccelsa, percepisci immediatamente la passione di chi ha creato questa opera d’arte.
    Un piacere irrinunciabile. Assolutamente da provare.

    Sabrina B.

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