The Catanese onion

La Cipollina Catanese
La Cipollina , Sicilian rustic made with puff pastry, cooked ham , cheese and onion , the main ingredient of this jewel from which it takes the same name, is a true classic of the Catanese rotisserie. 🤩
There is nothing strange in seeing a Catanian at the bar at 7 in the morning with coffee and onion in hand, because breakfast in Catania is a serious matter. 😎
As soon as you enter the bar, you immediately feel its unmistakable scent, whether it's at breakfast, lunch or dinner, the queen of the rotisserie is immediately loved, from the first bite, for its skilfully prepared crunchy pastry and its warm, gooey filling and sweet. 😋
La Cipollina is unforgettable, it is a dream that is consumed quickly, it is a delight for the taste buds. Chives are a masterpiece!
And at the end of the day it must be admitted, every time you are about to order a croissant, the heart speaks for itself: “Today I dropped myself a spring onion“!

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