Savoy cake, a triumph of chocolate

Torta Savoia, un trionfo di cioccolato
Sicilian cuisine really knows how to lead into temptation, especially when it comes to desserts and among the most popular cakes on the island there is undoubtedly the Torta Savoia.
It is made up of layers of biscuit that alternate with a soft and delicious cream made with 3 types of chocolate and hazelnuts, and a bite-sized chocolate coating.
For Sicilians this sweet represents a piece of history.
As the name itself easily suggests, the theory that this cake was dedicated to the royal family of the House of Savoy appears quite evident and plausible. On the other hand, it is less easy to attribute its partnership.
According to some, it would have been the Benedictine nuns of Catania who created it more than 150 years ago. On the occasion of the annexation of Sicily to the Kingdom of Italy, in honor of the new sovereigns, they prepared this cake whose ingredients included hazelnuts. According to others, however, it would have been created by a Palermo pastry chef on the occasion of a visit of the Savoy to the city of Palermo.
It's hard to say who's right, but one thing's for sure: she's amazing!
The Savoia cake is one of the most appreciated desserts by chocolate lovers and, still today, among the most present in Sicilian pastry shops, perfect for a birthday or a special and festive occasion.

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