Against food waste with Too Good To Go

Contro lo spreco alimentare con Too Good To Go

The theme of food waste is very close to our hearts, and we have chosen the week of sustainable lifestyles to tell you about our collaboration with Too Good To Go.
We have always been careful not to waste food right from the production stages, but it can happen that unsold products remain. We use quality and fresh ingredients every day, so the fact that they are consumed at the end of the day is in perfect agreement with the Too Good To Go mission.

With Too Good To Go you have the opportunity to buy Magic Boxes, surprise boxes containing the products left over at the end of the day "too good to be thrown away", and therefore save still fresh food at a third of the original price.

First of all, in order to book, pay and collect the Magic Boxes, you need to download the Too Good to Go app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Once this is done, select our business from the list, open the relevant card, click on "Buy Now" and proceed with the payment.
Once you arrive with us for the indicated time, just show the digital receipt and collect your Magic Box.

An easy way to fight food waste!

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