The Green Gold of Sicily

L'Oro Verde di Sicilia
Sicily is the only Italian region where pistachio is produced and its cultivation represents for Bronte, a town in the province of Catania, an important source of income, so much so that it is nicknamed the "Green Gold", due to its high commercial value .
The pistachio plant was introduced in Sicily by the Arabs during the period of their domination, in the 8th and 9th centuries, its longevity and ability to resist adverse environmental conditions have allowed it to settle permanently in the scarcely cultivable volcanic soils.

The Bronte pistachio has a decidedly more decisive taste, thanks to the characteristics of the soil, rich in mineral substances also due to the frequent lava flows of Etna , but its main characteristic concerns the chlorophyll content, higher than other types of pistachio. and it is to this that we owe its intense green colour.
It can be eaten naturally without the need for further cooking or processing, as a snack or aperitif, but thanks to its aroma and quality it has always been the main element of Sicilian pastry and cuisine in general.
It is used by our pastry chefs for ice creams, pastes, creams, or the tasty "Pistanut" cake, but it is also the protagonist of first and second courses, becoming one of the undisputed ingredients of gastronomy.

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