The Copper of Naples, inevitable on Sicilian tables on the occasion of the Feast of the Dead

Le Rame di Napoli

Also this year, on the occasion of the Feast of the Dead ours cannot be missing on your tablecopper from Naples, the traditional ones Sicilian cocoa covered biscuitsfrom delicious dark chocolate icing . Soft and fragrant thanks to usefrom spices such as cinnamon and nailsfrom carnation, are a typical dessertfrom Catania only availablebetween October And StartNovember. A short but long-awaited period that makes them even more special! 

Tradition,from ancient origins, he wants the copper from Naples are prepared during the holidaysfrom All Saints' Day to give them to the children along with toys - as a gift from deceased relatives, a very sweet prize for being good during the year. They are so greedy that no one can resist to this temptation: enoughfeel the enveloping scentfrom spices and chocolate and savor them even just with the sight of the taste to breathe air alreadyfrom party! 

To the pistachio , for the most refined palates: the soft biscuit with cocoa dough is covered on the surface with a pistachio cream - prepared using only highly selected Sicilian pistachios andfrom quality, - and then finished with icingfrom pistachio chocolate. A rainfrom pistachios completes the biscuit and makes it even more irresistible. 



Classic , for lovers of tradition:the soft biscuit with strictly cocoa dough is covered with icingfrom dark chocolate. The classic version is a tribute to traditions, to good things prepared at home, to simple but therefore more authentic tastes. It has the scent of spices and the most intimate memories. 




At the Nutella , for the sweet tooth:the soft biscuit with cocoa dough is covered on the surface with a voluptuous layerfrom hazelnut cream and then finished with icingfrom dark chocolate and grainsfrom pistachio. A triumph for the throat!





Your mouth is already watering Come and visit us at Octagonal Bar to taste the specialties of Sicilian pastry! If you prefer you can also order them from home and request home delivery orsend them to whoever you want for a very special gift. 

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