Panettone yes, but Sicilian!

Panettone si, ma siciliano!

Traditional, pistachio or chocolate? Which one to bring to the table at Christmas or to give to friends and relatives? Without a doubt an artisanal panettone, made and stuffed with products closely linked to our territory.

It will also be a traditional Milanese and Lombard dessert, but the artisan panettone is also produced in Sicily with truly incomparable results becoming the protagonist of Christmas dinners and lunches.

In addition to the taste and the very high quality of the ingredients used, the real difference with industrial panettone lies in the freshness and creativity of the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the panettone is softer and more digestible, thanks to the long leavening, tastes good and genuine, it is the result of experience, research and passion. In short, each artisan panettone is a unique piece, a small masterpiece.

Giving a Sicilian panettone for Christmas is a gesture of foresight and attention to detail that does not go unnoticed:behind the purchase of an artisan panettone there is in fact a research and a special interest that will show all your attention to the person who will receive it.

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