A masterpiece of Sicilian cuisine

Un capolavoro della cucina siciliana

There is no Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner without scacciata, traditional Sicilian preparation in bread dough stuffed in the most varied ways:vegetables (especially cauliflower and broccoli), cheeses, cured meats or meats. A delicious single dish which, according to the different provinces, takes on different names. In the Catania area it is called scacciata, in the Syracusan and in the Nisseno impanata ('mpanata), in the Ragusa area it is called scacciata, in the Agrigento area mbigliulata. The shape and appearance also vary according to the different areas in which it is prepared, in some it has an oval shape, while in others it is rectangular.

The flavor and texture are reminiscent of the"ancient"bread that our Sicilian grandmothers prepared, good hot and excellent cold, very convivial and ideal for a lunch or dinner with many guests. They have now become a symbol par excellence of the winter holidays, of the laid tables and of family harmony.

With their irresistible scent they are an unmissable presence on the tables of the people of Catania ... and beyond.

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