Sicily in the world

La Sicilia nel mondo

Sicily is an extraordinary land, rich in history, tradition and culture.

The Mediterranean climate and the beautiful landscapes make it a destination for many tourists from all over the world; those who come to visit it for the first time are fascinated, enchanted!

Sicilian culture is the daughter of many foreign dominations (Greek, Arab, Norman, Spanish and others…), and these emerge in the architecture of the large buildings, in the Sicilian dialect, in the customs and in the cuisine…

Just the Sicilian cuisine is very renowned in the world, exquisite dishes, mirror of a rich popular tradition, but also emblem of quality for the raw materials that are the basis of the dishes: spices and aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, dried fruit, good fish …

Each dish often has several variations, closely linked to the territory, not infrequently, in fact, the same dish, despite having the same name, has a different aroma and appearance depending on the area of ​​Sicily you are visiting; other recipes instead are strongly localized, just think of the "Panelle panelle from Palermo".

Sicily is also famous throughout the world for its excellent grapes, used to make top quality wines and sparkling wines, and for its olive groves, from which a very fragrant extra virgin olive oil is produced.

Sicily is the motherland of the Sicilian cannolo and the Sicilian cassata, based on a delicious sheep ricotta, almond paste, Martorana fruit, irises, granita, ice cream and arancini (depending on whether you you can find in Catania or Palermo).

Our "mission" is to make known and taste the typical Sicilian products in the world, exporting them from our laboratory directly to your home.

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